Stellar featuring The Conjunto Blues

Stellar featuring The Conjunto Blues

Admission is free! Doors open at 7 p.m., show begins at 7:30 p.m.

Transcendental folk bard Stellar is a clear voice ringing out for justice and liberation. Stellar’s 2021 solo debut “Rainbow Shadows” is a manifesto of fury and compassion, a message in a bottle filled with uprising, ancestry, love, hope and resilience. From calling out those who abuse their power, to painting hopeful pictures of a different world, the bulletin of Stellar’s music is clear: Silent complicity in a system that benefits only the few and powerful deprives us all of a better and more beautiful future. Seamlessly weaving the evocative story and soul of their songwriting with the clarity and urgency of our times, Stellar sings with a conviction and joy that helps us remember the personal is political, oppression must be unlearned and liberation is for everyone.

The Conjunto Blues are Texas-based musicians, Nicolás Valdez and Luis Gonzalez, who take the accordion and bajo sexto (12-string guitar) used in traditional Conjunto music and mix in a wide range of regional sounds from cumbia to swamp pop. Often referred to as “Third Coast” music, this San Antonio duo offers a broader audio landscape of the South Texas Xicano experience. Their performances are in conjunction with the film “Conjunto Blues,” currently screening at festivals around the country and internationally.


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