Ralph White & Aaron Blount (from Knife in the Water)

Ralph White & Aaron Blount (from Knife in the Water)

Doors: 8pm Show: 8:30pm General Admission: $5.00 advance and $8.00 at the door

Ralph White has been playing music and touring now for over 40 years. In the 90s he played fiddle in the cow-punk/bluegrass band The Bad Livers. His solo music is influenced by country, blues, and Appalachian and West African folksongs. He switches between fretless banjo, fiddle, accordion, and kalimba (African thumb piano).

He’s played with Thurston Moore, Jandek, and Michael Hurley.

“Tossing Pebbles on the Sleeping Beast,” recorded with Thor Harris and released in 2016 by Super Secret Records is his most recent album: https://ralphwhite.bandcamp.com/album/tossing-pebbles-on-the-sleeping-beast

Hardly Sound documentary:

“What longtime Austinite and former Bad Liver Ralph White puts on albums and onstage is so mind-boggling and vast, it forces those of us in the description business down a treacherous path”– Darcie Stevens, Austin Chronicle

“His solo work is possessed of a much more lonesome spark…his voice has a high, eerie quality to it…extremely psychedelic”– David Keenan, The Wire UK

Aaron Blount:

Aaron Blount is the songwriter in the Austin band Knife in the Water, a band that’s been touring and releasing music on and off since 1997. Blount draws from a dark well of literary influences, from Southern gothic to European cinema, shot through with desolation, tension, and glimpses of humanity.

Knife in the Water has released four albums and an EP: Plays One Sound and Others (1998), Red River (1999), Crosspross Bells (2001), and Cut the Cord (2003), and Reproduction (2017).

They released their new album Reproduction on March 3, 2017 on Keeled Scales, which was preceded by a remastered edition of their first album, Plays One Sound and Others, which was released on vinyl for the first time via Super Secret Records.

During Knife in the Water’s long hiatus Blount continued to play solo sets and self-released a solo CDR. As Knife in the Water becomes active again so has Blount’s songwriting and this solo set will likely be a dry run to test new songs.


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