Grace Rowland featuring Real Live Tigers

Grace Rowland featuring Real Live Tigers

Admission is free! Doors open at 7 p.m., show begins at 7:30 p.m.

Grace Rowland (formerly Grace Park) is an artist/musician from Central Texas. She makes cut paper, stained glass, graphic art and is the frontwoman of Austin psych-folk band, The Deer.

From a young age, Grace performed in plays; honed her artistic skills; and sang in church, school and competition choir. She received a Louise-Merrick scholarship and studied vocal education at the Texas State School of Music. It was there she met future bandmates Jesse Dalton and Michael McLeod. After a battle with stage-fright, she began writing and performing in 2005. She finished her vocal degree while touring with her first working band, The Blue Hit. The trio toured for many years and went on to other projects like Middlespoon and The Brother Brothers, while still occasionally making music together.

In 2011, Grace began working with Michael McLeod. The project eventually became The Deer. They have been one of Austin Music Awards’ Best Performing Folk Bands for three years, and two of their album covers (designed by Grace) were among Austin Music Industry Awards’ Best Album Art in 2014 and 2017. They also received a major grant in 2018 from Austin music patron group Black Fret. Aside from her main project, The Deer, she has performed and recorded with several acts, including Alejandro Escovedo, MilkDrive, Roger Sellers (Bayonne), Abram Shook, Fire in the Pines, Jack Wilson and more.

Real Live Tigers has had many manifestations and line-ups. The project was started by Tony Presley in 2004 and has often been him solo on electric or classical guitar, but it’s been as many as eight people crowded together on a tiny stage.

For a long time, it was lonely Greyhound tours crisscrossing the US and Canada, but nowadays it’s Presley touring in whatever cheap car he owns, occasionally with a bassist and drummer, playing wandering heart highway blues songs.

The fourth Real Live Tigers album “Denatured” was remastered and released on vinyl on April 15, 2016. There’s very slowly a fifth album in the works.


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