Belcurve with Carry Illinois

Doors: 8pm Show: 8:30pm General Admission: $10.00

Belcurve is your dark, eerie, sweet, sarcastic, bright, witchy, tender, cruel lover. At its heart, Belcurve is the melding of Sarah Castro’s unique brand of lyrics vocal range and melodies with Matt Parmenter’s lifelong mission to wring the strangest sounds out of even stranger gear and studio toys while still pleasing the ear, glued together by Michael Peters’ rhythms, which range from restrained, soft and appropriate to all out muscular assaults on defenseless vintage drums. Deidre Gott’s clear, resonant harmony vocals as well as her addition to sonic landscapes and tambourines, and Blue Mongeon’s versatile guitar work add sweetness while filling the melodic space with a sound at times dissonant, at times pure. Belcurve is a slightly bent framework of talented human beings creating songs that will you make you feel pleasant, strange and feisty

Carry Illinois: Even as a child in Evanston, Ill., Lizzy Lehman lived for music. From elementary school straight through college, she always participated in choir, blending her voice with dozens of others. But she didn’t understand her own musical spell-casting powers until an insomniac college dorm mate prevailed upon her one night, begging to be sung to sleep. Soon, other stressed-out dorm dwellers requested Lehman’s lullaby-singing services. That’s when she realized the potency of song, and began connecting in a serious way with her muse. Maybe that’s why the music singer-guitarist Lehman makes with her Austin-based band, Carry Illinois, has a somewhat dreamlike quality. She calls the sound “new-wavey folk” or “late-night heart-worn indie-folk,” but the 10 songs she penned for Alabaster, the band’s debut album, also exhibit a range of finely honed pop and rock influences carrying references from the Brill Building to Laurel Canyon and Manchester, England, hometown of Smiths frontman Morrissey. With her alto shimmering like moonlight on these elegantly textured, richly layered arrangements, crafted in Brooklyn and Austin by producer Daniel Barrett, all of Lehman’s songs possess the kind of intimacy one feels more acutely late at night, when the world quiets down and lets us pay more attention to the rhythms of our hearts.

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